Barbara Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

The human energy field is composed of a multitude of layers and power centers, all designed to hold your "soul" so that you can have a human experience.  Some parts of your field can be very fixed, while others are in a state of constant motion.  Your energy is interacting with the environment and the people around you at all times.  


But from the perspecitve of energy healing, illness is the result of being out of balance.  As you may have experienced for yourself, when you are out of balance, you have lost your connection to the truth of who you are.  In energy healing, you are brought back to that remembering on an energetic level.  Through the connection to the universal life source and with the high sense perception of the practitioner, the energy field can be brought back into balance.


I invite you to experience the deep relaxation and sense of well-being that can occur in the connection to the universal life source.