Maryann Barrett, Integrative Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

is a holistic health practitioner with a focus on the interplay of dynamics inherent as a spiritual being living within a physical body.  There is a connection not only within you, but to others around you, and in your environment.  We are spiritual beings grounded in this reality with a body that is nurtured and supported by planet earth. 


It is with this understanding in mind that I have come to appreciate even more the importance of our EARTH BODY SPIRIT CONNECTIONS.  The earth is evolving, changing and so are we.


It can only be from this understanding of our planet's unique beauty, and the evolutionary process that is occurring, that we can have a connection of integrity and strength to the universal "creative source" and our own bodies.


Depression, anxiety, chronic sleep disorders and most mental health disorders are not all in your head.  As with health and wellness in general, it is a constellation of factors


It is from this place of connection to all things that the most powerful healing can occur.