Maryann Barrett,  Integrative Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Maryann has been working in Healthcare for over 30 years. 


Seeing the individual within the dynamic framework of the mind, body and spirit connected to a universal consciousness empowers each of us to bring forth the longings within our heart to express our creative spirit.


It is Maryann's joy to help connect your heart's longing to a balanced and stable integrated whole which enables your spirit to express itself fully.


Maryann specializes in an integrative approach to health care recognizing a constellation of factors that may have an interplay in heath and wellness.  Maryann is able to prescribe  psychiatric medications, address gut health, vitamin deficiencies, minimize toxic exposures, check your thyroid, and test for gene variations that may hamper your ability to process B vitamins that are essential in supporting the body's energy production, detoxification and creation of beneficial neurotransmitters.  The basic of getting a good night sleep, eating well and simple exercise is the foundation to our body's health.


Beyond the body is our spiritual health.  We are all connected.  As stated by astrophysicist, Neil Degrasse Tyson,  "We are connected to each other biologically, to the earth, chemically and to the rest of the universe, atomically."  The human body is composed of 9.5% Hydrogen, 18.5% Carbon, 3.2% Nitrogen and 65% Oxygen.  These four ingredients combine to make up the human body as well as everything else in our universe.  There are a hundred billion galaxies in this universe, with new ones forming everyday.  A force that connects us  all creates organization and form that is boundless and limitlessness.  When you are able to connect to the vast greatness that is around you, you are also able to connect to the vast greatness within you.  This follows the principal "As above, so below."


Our emotional health relates to our connection to self, others and all life.  In many ways, how we think creates how we feel.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and revised version thereof, are the foundation of most therapeutic treatments today.  EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) therapy utilizes these principles in trauma focused recovery.  EMDR incorporates aspects of psychodynamic, experiential, behavioral, cognitive, body-based and systems therapies.  It is then in the connection to others that the greatest opportunity for growth within ourselves is possible.  



Bachelor Degree in Nursing from Western CT State University

Graduate Barbara Brennan School of Healing

Master Degree in Integrative Health and Healing from the Graduate Institute

NJ Licensed Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, graduating from Fairfield University

Trained in multiple other treatment modalities, such as: 



Mind/Body/Spirit Health Care

NADA acupuncture